Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whew....Catching Up!

Hi Team:

As I mentioned before, it's been a very busy month. The pictures I've recently added are from the NPC competition I did a couple weeks ago, March 19th. It was a lot of fun. I originally registered as a Physique Division competitor, however, the division ended up being dropped. I was a bit disappointed, as I felt like a good fit there. Physique is a category in between Figure and Bodybuilding. I opted to go for the Figure division instead. I was very happy to place in both Figure Masters and Figure Short. 

Now I'm prepping for a Pro show next month. Lots of work, but lots of fun, and very rewarding.

The picture of me with all my friends, also pictures my posing coach, Sandy Hancock. She's been training the girls for years and has an eye for the physique, as an artist with paint to canvas. Even though I coach posing as well, I like to get Sandy's 3 Dimensional eye on me, as this is something I cannot do myself. Thanks, Sandy! Wonderful meeting and visiting with all my competitor friends, as well, you are all awesome!

The gal you see me pictured with is one of my STAR clients. I am SO proud of her. She has come a mighty long way to get to where she is today. In fact, she's lost 135 lbs. This was her first competition, and she was very happy to have placed 3rd in Novice Figure. She is an amazing woman. She runs a contracting business with her husband, has two incredible kids, and is fortunate to be alive today. She is currently writing a autobiography which is sure too keep her readers on the edge of their seats! She has been through and overcome A LOT! She is also in the process of finishing up her phenomenal cookbook (e-book) which I will happily have on my blogspot and and sites available for you with a link, you will definitely not want to miss out on. She has the healthiest, tastiest recipes I've ever tasted, no exaggeration. She has been bringing me all sorts of delicious recipes to taste, and each has been dynamite!!! If this isn't enough, she'll also be opening her very own Bistro/Cafe in the beautiful Naples, Florida area. Her name is Gabriella Reeve and you're sure to be hearing and seeing more of her.   Congratulations Gabby!


Jewelry With A Message

Hi Team,

First off, I want to say how much I've missed everyone, and blogging. It's been a very busy month for me. I have a dear friend who's in the jewelry business, but not just any jewelry, heartfelt jewelry. She is so creative, and puts her loving, creative touch into EVERYTHING she makes. Pictured is a creation she put together just for me! From the "Go Heavy or Go Home", to my name, business, and birthstone, it's all me. I absolutely, positively, LOVE IT!!!  

Now I know a lot of men read my blog as well, and you might not be as excited as the ladies about this, however, you would sure make your lady's day by getting her something like this for herself. It can make a treasurable anniversary gift, special date, event, outing, baby, you name it! Add a few trinkets of your liking and she'll absolutely LOVE it!

For you ladies, what can I say. I know I can think of at least three more designs I'd like The Silver Lime to concoct for me. Come up with your own idea, and she will make it happen, this is what sets The Silver Lime apart from other jewelry. Just click on the picture of my new necklace, and it will take you directly to her site.. Check it out, she does all sorts of things. You will love it!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happiness and Health

What does happiness have to do with health? ALOT! A happy soul makes for a happy person, makes for a happy family, a happy workplace, happy hormones, which makes for a healthy body. Be happy. 

Have you ever been around a negative person? 


Negative people live off your energy folks, avoid them like the plaque. 
Of course we all have times when we're feeling less than upbeat, when life throws us a curve ball, when our hearts ache, but there is something to be learned from the experience and then it is time to move on. Sure it's okay to mourn, to cry, to share our disgruntlements with others, as we are human and humans are meant to communicate. Communication is one way to sort through feelings which allows us to see things more clearly, deal with them more directly, and move forward, with a new hope, with inspiration, with determination. It's when we get 'stuck in the rut', that perspectives can become clouded, and last way too long. This in turn affects the best of all relationships, as no one like to be around a permanent 'Crank'.


You are your own chemical manufacturing plant. That's right, within you lies a powerful system capable of manufacturing all kinds of potent chemicals, which equals endless opportunities. When a person experiences feeling, they immediately begin sending signals to the hypothalamus, which in turn pumps out peptides in relation to what they're feeling. Have the same feeling long enough and these peptides will latch onto receptors in the brain and make a new home. When this new cell splits it has the inherent makings of the same feelings times ten! 

Yes, there are individuals who, for some unfortunate reason, have chemical imbalances that need intervention. This should be the exception not the rule. I find more and more doctors handing out anti-depressants to patients. Utah is known as the Anti-Depressant capitol of the country. What is up with that? If a person needs help, by all means get help, you deserve to be happy. Just be sure it's in your favor, the benefits outweigh the risks, and it's something you're educated about and comfortable with. 

Like all gifts, some are to be shared and others treasured by one. Happiness works much the same way, at times we can share freely, at others times the happiness is tucked away safely. One thing is for sure, happy people radiate, they glow, they are like magnets to those around them. They are easily approached, easy to talk to, easy to spend time with, easy to just sit contently quietly with. 

Fake it till you make it. Sooner or later the peptides will get the message you mean business and WANT to be happy, and begin working in your favor, and like your happiness, will start affecting the cells around them the same way a happy person rubs off on the people around them. I'm so thankful for happy people, for people who smile, who greet me with a 'Good morning', it makes my day. I hope I too can share the happiness with those around me, as life is too short to be unhappy.

Happy people get sick less often, miss work less often, have happy relationships with those around them, and in turn save bundles on doctor visits, medications, time off work, fuel, and have been found to have less disease. Coincidence? I think not. 

If you see someone who needs a listening ear, listen. If someone needs a hug, hug them. If their heads are hanging down, help bring their sights back up. We all have our days. We might not be able to help everyone, but we can at least be mindful of those around us. If they respond, wonderful, if they are not interested, then maintain your happiness and be on your way. Many a person has had a better day simply by another individual sharing a smile, or as simple a thing as holding a door open for them. 

Happiness is important to health, to longevity, to relationships. Happiness is to be felt, shared, enjoyed, and experienced. Like I've said before, evaluate your life, decide what you are happy with and what you are not. Make goals, take action, cast fear aside. If you're waiting for someone else to 'make' you happy you could be waiting a mighty long time. Look within. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

End of the Month Assessment #2 of 12

Hi Team:

How's reaching your goals coming along? We have another month down. Another month spent. How did you spend yours? Do you feel you spent time with the people you love and care for most? Did you spend time plugging away at your well thought out goals? Did you tackle something and strike it off your list? Did you learn a thing or two about yourself: Who you are, and what you're after? Did you run into any obstacles? How did you handle them? Did you give up or face up? As the song goes, "You might be knocked down, but not out forever." Get up, dust yourself off, regroup, rethink, re-manage, refocus.

I hope you're getting closer and closer to your three items you would greatly desire to accomplish during your life. Take a reality check and notice the people and issues, that are holding you back. Decide how you will handle them, tactfully. Life is too short, my friends, to go about living life as a 1..2..3..4...drill each day. Find out what makes you tick, and enhance it.

I promise you, as you fulfill the things in life you desire, in an unselfish manner, you allow others to do the same. You will set an example to those around you. You will wonder why you procrastinated so long, or felt the task too difficult to manage.

What? Did I hear you say you've been struggling for years to determine what three things you desire in life? Well, do some homework on yourself. Begin by going to your childhood. What were you interested in? Why? Make note of the type of friends you had, books you enjoyed, movies, music, activities, and hobbies you enjoyed. Ditto Jr. high days, high school, and college. One of the most powerful ways to discover your interests is to make note of what you do in your spare time. Put the pieces together. Look for the common thread. You'll discover much about yourself.

Are you making progress? I teach many fitness classes. At the beginning of the New Year, classes are suddenly packed, no joke. By the end of March many will begin to downsize. Ditto the gym crowd. Are you going to ALLOW yourself to become a statistic? True, if you stop attending the gym, perhaps no one will notice, but you will  always know you CHOSE to leave, put it off, decide it was too hard, etc.

Many people wonder why they have such a difficult time sticking with good, healthy goals, meal plans, etc. I'll tell you why, it's because they were willing to make the effort, sacrifice, and be committed for a week, but not a month. Willing for a month but not any more than 6 months. Willing for 6 months but not an entire year. People allow themselves to be worn down, allow commitments to fade, and let convenience take it's place. Sacrifice gets wearing, and "I'll do it tomorrow....." syndrome sets in. Self-doubt arises. Effort is thought of as taxing, so it gets easier to take a day or two off, just long enough to continue to loose focus and drive.


Unless we are willing to stand up to OURSELVES, our own WEAKNESSES, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for all our actions and decisions, we leave our self an escape route. The problem with this escape route is that is it all based on PERCEPTION, and a false perception at that. You must stick with something long enough to work your way through the temptations, through the hardships, heartaches, disappointments, and overcome perceived obstacles time after time, after time, until it becomes second nature to you. This is a learned behavior that can only be taught by YOU

That's right,YOU are YOUR OWN TEACHER

No one can teach you this.

This you must understand:


To many people run when they see a part of themselves they are not happy with. I challenge you to stand tall. Look at your weaknesses directly, deal with them candidly, courageously, and relentlessly, you SHALL overcome. Learn to love yourself in the process. No, it's not going to be easy but it's so worth it! However, this you shall never know until you stand up to yourself.

Yes, self-worth. For instance, many times we will go the extra mile willingly (key word: willingly) for our loved ones: children, spouse, and so on. What about for yourself? Do you think it is selfish? I think not.  

I believe YOU and only YOU can determine your self-worth, after all, this is why it is called, 'Self-Worth'.
It's NOT 'What you think of me determines my self-worth', NOT  'The look you just gave me determines my self-worth', NOT 'The way you treat me determines my self-worth', NOT 'What you just said to me determines my self-worth'. These things not only sound ridiculous, but truly ARE ridiculous! It makes no more sense than giving birth to a child at the hospital, and looking at the hospital staff to wait to tell you what to name your baby. Well, I've got news for you....


Too many individuals go about their daily life letting, allowing, and permitting others to determine their own self-worth! Do not allow yourself to fall subject to this unacceptable situation. If you find that you already have, step up and and begin taking responsibility for not only who you are, but also for what you believe in. Determine for yourself what worth you are. Do not turn to others for this vital information. Look within. If you find areas along the way you're not as happy with, you have the option to change them. Yes, change what we can, and learn to live with what we can't.

Did you say you ARE reaching your goals? Great, then you can relate to what I'm writing about. Keep at it. Stay strong. Keep heart. Keep pressing forward.

Plan. Execute. Deliver. Rejoice. Begin again.

Make 2011 YOUR year. It's not too late unless YOU decide it's too late.

Is your glass half empty or half full?