Friday, December 2, 2011

End of the Month Assessment #11 of 12

Hi Team:

Here we are, fast approaching the end of the year 2011. I've been asking you each month since the beginning of the year how your goals are coming along, especially in regards to health and fitness. 

Remember in grade school how you'd be graded for many aspects of learning for the grade you were in? Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, music, P.E.,and computer, were some of these areas. 

I'd like to revamp our Report Card to reflect the following twelve areas for our assessment this month:  

Mental Toughness

Accountability is an important element of reaching one's goals simply due to the fact that, without it, one has 'free rein' of their actions. Let there be no mistake, consequences are still paid, as there's no way to avoid them. The lesson of accountability itself is to make oneself 'fess up' for their actions. Just like facing the Catholic priest once a week to 'spill the beans', of our actions. We're much more liable to stand to what we've committed to, by holding ourselves accountable to someone we trust. 

Attitude is first and foremost on my list of grades. I believe mindset, or attitude, is where it all begins, and this my friend, means YOU. What's the altitude of your attitude ninety percent of the time? Are you hopeful, optimistic, outgoing, cheerful, willing, loving, and caring? By this I mean not only to others, but to yourself, as well. 

How's your character? I find as one nears closer and closer to their goals, their character is becoming more and more refined in the process. Most people don't reach their goals for this reason alone, they do not like to be out of their 'Comfort Zones'. Once away from their normal 'zone', they panic, are uncomfortable, and head to what is recognizable to them, which inevitably takes them all the way back to step one. Allow your character to grow WITH you. Don't shortchange yourself.

To reach and do anything worthwhile in our lives, we must be committed, and continually re-commit ourselves along the way. Keep a constant reminder around you of what it is you desire to achieve. Keep your enthusiasm fresh, alive, and invigorated! When you want something bad enough, it just won't leave you alone. Take advantage of these feelings!

Determination is what wins wars, marriages, children, careers, health, and literally every other area of life. Determination is the driving force behind your actions, and as we all know...


Your actions alone will speak volumes to you of your determination. What do your actions say?

We must have a 'blueprint', outline, or guidelines to get a plan of action, however, we must also be willing to be flexible with that plan. Life happens, and it will happen to you no different than it happens to me. Things come up, people need help, events arise, unexpected responsibilities show up, or perhaps there's illness or injury. It happens. Flexibility means keeping your heart, mind, and eye on your goals, while maneuvering through an obstacle course on your way there.

Are you honest with yourself? Are you really sticking to that meal plan your trainer designed just for you? Are you really putting forth the effort in your workouts? Are you really being honest with yourself?

Are you humble enough to admit that maybe you blew it a few times? Willing to see when you've gotten off track and just as willing to put yourself back on? Humility doesn't mean beating yourself up for shortfalls, it means just the opposite, gain an understanding of your actions, thoughts, etc., and deal with them compassionately just as you would your best friend.

Mental toughness is learning to over-ride one thought with another. For instance: When an athlete has mind up their mind 'they are done', they will indeed be done! However, the same athlete can also learn to over-ride their initial thought (or what I refer to as re-actional thoughts), by not immediately reacting to the thought, but rather focus on what they desire instead, and allow those feelings to penetrate the thought process. Test yourself throughout the day, and discover how many times you behave and take action based on re-actional thoughts rather than focused thoughts. 

Motivation is the reason why you're doing what you're doing. If you don't have at least three solid reasons for reaching your goal(s), they can very easily become 'watered down', and disintegrate right before your very eyes. Examine your why's. Examine your ways. Why does reaching this one particular goal mean SO much to you? Write it down, and read it daily!

Good old perseverance. 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going....that much faster, more determined, and focused on their goal!' Your goal will be that much more rewarding and worth achieving the more you're required to persevere. You're literally building a new and improved you through the process. Embrace.

Self-discipline: The ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations. It all starts with YOU. It all starts with YOUR THOUGHTS, how you perceive yourself, your life, your talents, and all the above aforementioned. 

YOU are the sole person responsible for you, and everything about you!

Take charge!

How did you do? I can promise you, by being aware and making the effort to get exceptional grades in these areas, it will be awful hard for you NOT to reach your goals!



Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing the 'TIGHT BODY 90 DAY AB CHALLENGE'!

Join TIGHT BODY BOOT CAMP for the official '


October 2, 2011  to December 31, 2011

Purpose: If you live here in the states, it's not uncommon for the average person to put on 5-15 lbs. during the next 90 days, otherwise referred to as 'The Holiday Season'. Halloween treats, Thanksgiving Feasts, Christmas goodies, and New Years celebrations all seem to have a devastating effect on health for most people. 

If you're out of the country, it's an opportunity to take the CHALLENGE to get into even better shape!

The TIGHT BODY 90 DAY AB CHALLENGE is here to encourage you to make better, healthier choices. How about finding those ab's? How about strengthening the core, midsection, pelvic girdle, and back muscles, and in the process shaping up the entire body? For most, the abdominal muscles are the last to appear, why? Mainly because of diet. Let's face it, you can exercise all day, crunch by the thousands, but if you're not eating foods to cut the fat,
or eating proper portions, you won't find those ab's!

I'll have a place for those of you who chose to register, on the main TIGHT BODY BOOT CAMP website:  

soon. This is for those of you willing to put a bit of money in the 'pot', for the grand prize winner. You must be willing to share your 'Before' and 'After' pictures with us. Details will be found on the main site. Fun, fun, fun! Let's get RIPPED baby!

For those of you new to the TIGHT BODY CHALLENGES, I encourage you to bookmark this blog (as I will be posting here about the AB CHALLENGE, as well as the 'Tight Body 90 Day Ab Challenge' FaceBook page, just look up the page by typing the title (underlined) into the FaceBook search bar.) 

I'd also bookmark the 'TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE' blogspot:

as this blog is worth reading in its entirety, and will help you reach your goals, whether 30, 60, 90 days, or a lifetime. 

Take advantage of these free resources!!!!

Any questions? Drop me an e-mail at:

"Happy Day!" 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stimulants: An Athletes Asset or Crutch? You decide.

The purpose of today’s blog is to bring about awareness of stimulants, particularly in conjunction with athletes. I welcome your tactful feedback, and opinion on the subject.

Stimulants have been around for a long, long, time. Their use has, for the most part, become very much accepted as a ‘natural’ way of life (outside of illegal drugs). Stimulants are widely used both by layman and athlete, receptionist and homemaker, mechanic and doctor. In fact, studies by the National Coffee Association have shown as much as 54% of the U.S. population consumes coffee on a daily basis. This is coffee alone, tack on sports drinks, energy drinks, supplements, soft drinks, energy ‘shots’, tea, medications, and over-the-counter products, and you have a whole lot more. However, it’s estimated that at least 75% of caffeine use comes from coffee drinkers.


Stimulants have a profound effect on your central nervous system. As soon as caffeine, or any other stimulant, is ingested, it blocks adenosine (a calming neurotransmitter), and stimulates the adrenals to go into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode. Fight or Flight mode is the body’s way of preparing for a fight, or to take flight, it’s an emergency response, and as such, sends the body into a type of rush mode. So every time a stimulant is taken in, it creates ‘stress’ within the body, which eventually, the adrenals, and the body, pay the price for.


Does it, really? I would say in some ways yes, in the long run on your body, no. Yes, studies have shown athletes who ingest caffeine or other ‘natural’,(?) stimulants do better than athletes who have not, particularly in endurance events, consumed caffeine. In fact, caffeine is so good at what it does, the International Olympic Committee placed a ban leading to disqualification for an athlete with urinary limits exceeding 12 mg/ml. Roughly 600 to 800mg of caffeine, or 4 to 7 cups of coffee, consumed over a 30-minute period would be enough to exceed this level and cause disqualification. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has a similar limit, set at 15 mg/ml.

I’d love to see the Olympics with everyone completely clean and the outcome of it. Think how much sports would change, across the board. Who would be the top players in each category? Viewers might actually understand sport commentators, as well, since they wouldn’t be talking 200 m.p.h.


What do you think? Chances are, you use caffeine or another stimulant yourself. I don’t know that I consider an athlete a true athlete if they’re pumped up on a stimulant, even if it’s considered ‘natural’, because stimulants are not part of our genetic make-up, it’s foreign to the human body. It neither builds nor nourishes, it does the opposite, it depletes.

It creates a condition which allows the individual to go ‘’hyper’ mode, and push themselves further then they normally would. Is this a bad thing? You be the judge. I think it’s bittersweet. Of course, every athlete would love to push harder if they could, and the truth is, it’s usually energy, which determines output. Even if that energy comes from an outside source, it does help ‘push’ an athlete further.

The downside is, there’s also a fall, a crash of energy, which leaves the individual feeling fatigued, less than focused, and even weak, hours later. Combine this with the ‘internal stress’ of stimulants on the nervous system, and you must decide which means the greater to you, short-lived energy boost so you can push yourself day by day, or the long-term drain on your central nervous system.


I don’t see a problem with using a stimulant from time to time. Various situations can truly benefit from a boost, such as: a long drive which requires you to stay on the road, or something similar.

It’s the daily use of stimulants that concerns me. When a person can’t function, literally, without their cup of coffee, thermogenic, energy drink, etc., that I start to wonder if it’s really helping or hurting.

I have clients who have come to me consuming anywhere from 75 mg.  of caffeine, to over 1,000 mg. of caffeine alone, daily. The higher end personality isn’t easy to deal with, they’re typically wired, or like rubber, anxious, have trouble focusing their thoughts, concentrating, and sleeping. They tell me this over and over, and over again. Trying to go off the stimulants is like a nightmare to them. The headaches alone, are so overwhelming to most, they prefer to stay on the stimulants, even though they feel miserable.

I attended a certification recently, which required participants engage in an intense workout. The staff had two large containers of coffee brought in by Starbucks. Almost everyone had at least one cup of coffee. It’s come to be accepted as the norm, “If you want to make it through the workout, better get the hype on”. Imagine your workout without it, day after day, after day. What kind of athlete would you be?

I believe if a person is feeling run-down, the best way to handle it is with rest, sleep, proper diet, healthy relationships, etc. I don’t believe using a stimulant to the point it becomes addictive, is in one’s best interest. Have I used caffeine, oh have I. I used to take medication that was nothing but an isolated constituent of caffeine, for a medical condition, for years. It sucked. I never slept more than 3½ hours a night, except when I was completely exhausted, then I’d sleep five. My hands shook, it was hard to concentrate, and I was a very irritable person. It took years to get off the stuff, and my nervous system is still paying the price.



Do you consider an athlete a true athlete when using stimulants and other products, on a daily basis?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of the Month Assessment 7 and 8 of 12!

Hi Team:

As you can see, I'm combining both July and August assessments into one blog, due to the fact I've been so busy these last few months, I didn't have time to write for July. I was busy getting things ready for the first TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE which began August 1st.

So, how are you? How are you doing with your goals for the year? Are you reaching that one goal that's kept you sidetracked for far too long? Perhaps, you've already reached it? Are you making baby steps? Or are you plain struggling?

If you haven't committed to a TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE yet, then NOW'S THE TIME! This CHALLENGE is set up to help you succeed, and discover much about yourself along the way. Do it!


1. If you've reached your goal(s), I'm sure you're well on your way to mastering several others in your life. You see, as you overcome that one issue that's kept you from so much in your life (as it has kept you from progressing in every area of your life), doors begin to open, people come into your life, and opportunities arrive in bundles. Your eyes have been 'opened' to the many possibilities in your life. There's nothing to hold you back.

2. If you're making progress, well, progress is progress. You're on the right track. Stop expecting perfection of yourself and accept the fact you're human. Recognize your accomplishments and keep pressing forward. Eliminate doubt, eliminate the crutches in your life, and stand tall. Face yourself with every ounce of energy you have, it's well worth it. Keep plugging along. If you sense you're dragging your feet, procrastinating, or know you could be doing better, THEN DO IT! No excuses. You must live with yourself, so do so with peace of mind.

3. If you're still struggling, have you considered getting professional help? Someone who can perhaps help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions? Objective  opinions and insights can prove valuable, because too many times, people get 'locked' into their own thoughts, own ideals, own perceptions, which are quite frequently false, hurtful, harmful, and keep you from seeing the truth. 

Books can be helpful, as well, however, keep in mind these people and resources are there to guide you, they cannot do for you, what you must do for yourself.

I highly encourage you to keep pressing forward. Never settle for where you're at. Look ahead. Prepare. Plan. Execute. Sure, stop to smell the roses, enjoy the moments, and make a record of your progress, but then pick-up and head out. Look around you, opportunity abounds. Believe in yourself.


Get out. Get away. Go someplace you've never been before. Dress completely different. Act different if you want to. Sometimes, people get so 'ingrained' in their environments, the environment itself can become an obstacle. 

For instance, say you always watch the same show, the same night, in the same chair, and eat the same junk, every night. After a while, this becomes autopilot! You automatically turn on the t.v., go to the fridge, etc., and repeat the same behavior over, and over, and over again. This type of situation must be stopped, as it's a very real, and dangerous place to be. You're no longer even thinking about your actions! Ditto if you feel you can't go a night without the episode, or sit in the same chair, watch the program, and NOT have the junk. Do you understand where I'm coming from. 


What type of habits do you have? Write them all down, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Start with the good, give yourself a pat on the back! Go to the ugly and bad, and understand these habits are keeping you from reaching your full potential! Do something about them! 

Hence, the TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE! Eliminate them one at a time, month by month, and replace them with something better, healthy, etc. Replace the t.v. show with a brisk walk, or run. Replace the junk with a refreshing glass of water, some fresh veggies, and a few nuts. 


I always think, 

"Damn, I don't want to be laying in a coffin someday, and not ever know what my life would have been like if I took action." 

Don't take ANY day for granted. Get off your ass and do something about the things in your life you can't stand, as no one else is going to do it for you. 

Onto month nine! 


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hi Team!

It's been awhile since I've blogged due to the TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE! and my schedule. I hope all is well with you, and yours. I hope you're working hard, and getting sufficient rest/recovery in. Let me know what questions you have on supplements, workouts, meal plans etc., I'd rather address them in an anonymous way on my blog than personally the majority of time, because if you have a question, many times others are wondering the same thing. Feel free to contact me via e-mail with personal items, as well, no problem.

Today begins Round 2 of the TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE! so jump on board and let's do it!
All the information you need can be found on the TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE blogspot:

I'll be posting again here more regularly. 


I've been asked to do a television show, and I'm in the process of writing the first of many books!

This is very fun, and exciting! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the progress.

Be Strong. Stay Strong. Live from the inside-out. Be true to who you are, never underestimate yourself. Believe in your abilities. Let go of doubt and fear. Stand up. Stand tall. Become who you are to become, and be proud of it, not in a boastful way, rather in a way which allows you to share your success with others, and enrich one anothers lives. 

Have a super day!

Health always,

Friday, July 29, 2011


Latest News:
 - Sample Workouts
 - 10 Tips for Preparing for Your Challenge
 - Jill's Food Selections for the CHALLENGE! 

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Begins one week from today!!! Get yourself in gear...mentally, physically, even emotionally, be prepared! Go through kitchen cabinets, the fridge, etc. Be sure the tires on your mountain bike are aired up and ready to roll, find that gym pass you put away, pull out the exercise clothes, obtain schedules for group fitness classes you're interested in. Start spreading the word, forming your own groups, and get a plan of action in writing. Only one person can make this a success, and that's YOU!!!!

For more information, go to:
Look through the sidebar information and get set baby!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adrenal Fatigue

All right all you hard core fitness athletes, Military men and women, industrial athletes, and plain  fitness fanatics, I want you to do something for yourself if you're not already doing it....


That's right, blood work needs to be done roughly every six months. Why? Because you're output is tremendous, your intensity is high, and the duration of your workouts range from 20 minutes to several hours. 


- Complete Blood Panel (or CBC)
- Liver function
- Kidney function
- Thyroid hormones
- Electrolytes
- Hormones in general


This is a must for anyone involved in Extreme Fitness. Why? Because you're placing your body under a tremendous amount of physical stress everyday. Add in your other daily stressors, be it work, deployment, lack of sleep, not the ideal diet, relationships, finances, etc., and you could be looking at a case of adrenal fatigue.


Plenty. There are three stages to adrenal fatigue. In the first stage a person is exposed to some traumatic event which sets off the adrenal fatigue OR it's brought on through a Type A lifestyle: Go, go, go and go some more. I call it the See John run, Run John Run, syndrome. These people are always on the go, always over-planning, over-committing, multitasking, tackling everything that comes their way, type of people. This initial onset is either a blast of fight or flight, or repeated low level continual doses of fight or flight.

Stage Two: The adrenals are in the fight or flight mode, regularly. This stage can for 15 years or so. Talk about adrenal endurance. It all depends on the individual. Some can hold out for five years, others 34, it just depends. The main thing you need to know is this: At stage two, the adrenals can hit exhaustion at any given time. Exhaustion means just that, they can no longer put out.

Stage Three: Adrenal Exhaustion, something like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You DO NOT want to hit this stage! You see, once the adrenals hit exhaustion some people never come back, they're fatigued the rest of their life. I don't mean feeling a little tired, I mean everything they do, even daily activities becomes an exhausting event, as the energy has been zapped. Generally, adrenal fatigue takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to recover from, it depends on how severe the case is. Save yourself from this stage by making the necessary changes NOW as PREVENTATIVE maintenance. What changes are those? The items listed further down under, "What If I Have Adrenal Fatigue". 


1. Over-training
2. Insufficient recovery time
3. Lack of rest
4. Lack of sleep (Yes, rest and sleep are two different areas)
5. Poor nutrition
6. Insomnia
7. Hair loss
8. Dealing with stress poorly
9. Impatience
10. Moody
11. Lack of focus / concentration
12. Sodium and potassium levels are off
13. Low blood pressure
14. Hypoglycemia
15. Lack of energy
16. You wake up un-refreshed
17. Crave salt
18. No sex drive
19. More frequent illnesses
20. Dizzy / Light headed
21. Memory problems
22. Can't seem to keep up with things
23. Weight gain (Particularly, belly fat)

If several of these sounds like you, I suggest seeing an endocrinologist. 


If you have adrenal fatigue, I'd look into the following areas:

These changes range from quitting smoking, no alcohol, no refined sugars, no junk food, no coffee, no caffeine, no stimulants, to getting more rest, sleep, toning things down a bit, and learning how to manage stress. 

You'll want to eat as clean as can be. Period. Feed yourself wisely: Whole foods, nutrient dense. Be sure you're taking in enough calories to support your training and activities. Eat every 90 minutes to 3 hours maximum! Be sure all your nutritional basis are covered, and last but not least...chew your food thoroughly.


I suggest considering supplementation with the following:

- Multi-vitamin
- Fish Oil (Be sure it is of the highest quality, no pollutants)
- B Complex
- B3 (Niacin)
- B5 (Pantothentic Acid)
- B6 
- B12
- Vitamin A (From food sources)
- Vitamin C (Food sources, as well as tablets)
- Vitamin E ( Both food and capsules)
- L-Glutamine (For post-workout)


- Zucchini
- Swiss Chard
- Celery
- Spinach
- Beet greens
- Seaweed
- Dulse
- Kelp


Both rest and sleep are vital for :

- Recuperation
- Muscle building
- Muscle recovery
- Recovery from illness


Rather than pushing yourself through your training, consider the following:

- Your skill level
- Energy level
- How rested you are
- Time allotment
- Intensity
- Focus


You see, many times a person will be told their thyroid is low, be put on medication, and still have symptoms that just don't make sense. Unfortunately, many doctors stop at the thyroid and miss adrenal fatigue, when adrenal fatigue is in fact, the main culprit. The adrenals have far more impact on the human body than most people realize. The nervous system requires a delicate balance to function at it's prime, and keep you outputting at the Extreme's you desire.


Certainly not. Adrenal fatigue can take hold of anyone suffering from extreme stress, be it mental, physical, or emotional stress. I know of athletes who have hit adrenal fatigue strictly due to their Extreme workouts. Others poor nutrition played a key role, as they were not supporting their body with proper nutrition which is a stress to the body in and of itself. Moms with children can experience fatigue, as well, running all day with kids, multi-tasking rides, errands, meals, work, and other commitments all weigh heavily on a persons ability to cope day in and day out. Individuals with long, unpredictable hours such as military, fireman, police, doctors, (parents too for that matter!) etc., all are in a position where both rest and sleep are continually compromised, and much of the time, healthy, regular meals, as well, add to this the emotional stress that comes from the job and bingo....adrenal fatigue. This is a point where people who never used caffeine or other stimulants will consider taking some in, to try to manage their energy.


Stimulants are unnatural. If your body is running on low, it's 


Going to stimulants to 'fix' it, might appear the solution for short-term results, but in the long run you'll pay at least triple in ill effects to your health. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about the occasional cup of coffee to stay awake, I'm talking about the daily use of such substances, this includes:

'NATURAL' STIMULANTS (Such as herbs)

and several other products athletes are lured into buying through deceptive advertising. Don't buy into it. Energy comes from eating a healthy diet, managing stress in a healthy way, hydrating properly, exercising, getting the proper amount of rest and sleep, and enjoying life...meaning being happy, whether that comes from adventures with your loved ones, to a quiet hike in the mountains, or watching a funny movie. Just as there are no shortcuts to a dynamite physique, we must realize there are no 'products' that are healthy for us if they're forcing the body to run in unnatural ways.

I hope this has been helpful. 

Have a terrific day!