Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing the 'TIGHT BODY 90 DAY AB CHALLENGE'!

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October 2, 2011  to December 31, 2011

Purpose: If you live here in the states, it's not uncommon for the average person to put on 5-15 lbs. during the next 90 days, otherwise referred to as 'The Holiday Season'. Halloween treats, Thanksgiving Feasts, Christmas goodies, and New Years celebrations all seem to have a devastating effect on health for most people. 

If you're out of the country, it's an opportunity to take the CHALLENGE to get into even better shape!

The TIGHT BODY 90 DAY AB CHALLENGE is here to encourage you to make better, healthier choices. How about finding those ab's? How about strengthening the core, midsection, pelvic girdle, and back muscles, and in the process shaping up the entire body? For most, the abdominal muscles are the last to appear, why? Mainly because of diet. Let's face it, you can exercise all day, crunch by the thousands, but if you're not eating foods to cut the fat,
or eating proper portions, you won't find those ab's!

I'll have a place for those of you who chose to register, on the main TIGHT BODY BOOT CAMP website:  

soon. This is for those of you willing to put a bit of money in the 'pot', for the grand prize winner. You must be willing to share your 'Before' and 'After' pictures with us. Details will be found on the main site. Fun, fun, fun! Let's get RIPPED baby!

For those of you new to the TIGHT BODY CHALLENGES, I encourage you to bookmark this blog (as I will be posting here about the AB CHALLENGE, as well as the 'Tight Body 90 Day Ab Challenge' FaceBook page, just look up the page by typing the title (underlined) into the FaceBook search bar.) 

I'd also bookmark the 'TIGHT BODY 30 DAY CHALLENGE' blogspot:

as this blog is worth reading in its entirety, and will help you reach your goals, whether 30, 60, 90 days, or a lifetime. 

Take advantage of these free resources!!!!

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"Happy Day!"