Sunday, July 14, 2019


What sets Pro-Athletes apart from Amateurs?

The same things that matter when you want to get the most from your workout:

1. Attitude
2. Plan
3. Preparation 
4. Visualization
5. Environment
6. Meal Planning
7. Equipment
8. Attire
9. Mentor/Coaching
10. Head in the game/Focus/Perspective
11. Hydration
12. Supplementation


Yes, attitude is first on the list for a reason, as your attitude will determine and be a reflection of each of the following nine areas. Poor attitude equals poor planning, equals poor preparation, equals poor visualization, equals... so on and so forth. A healthy, stellar attitude will bring you healthy, stellar preparation, plan, visualization, etc. 

There is ALWAYS room for improvement in one's attitude, but we mustn't wait for perfection in any given area or we will surely miss the mark. Start where you're at, with what you have, and give it your all.

What's your attitude on a scale of 1-10? What would your friends, co-workers, and spouse rate you?


Successful athletes PLAN their training, PLAN their meal times, PLAN their rest time, and PLAN each and every activity that needs too be accomplished, in order to succeed. Do they PLAN to fail? Not generally, however, should the occasion arise, they view it with the perspective of learning a lesson, not necessarily failure.


Elite athletes begin their preparation well before the hour of need. Location, coaches, training buddies, meals, music, packing and so forth are set in place days, even weeks in advance.


Every athlete at the top will tell you they take and make time each day, or prior to their 'event', to visualize. They perform a mental rehearsal of what they need to accomplish and how they would like to accomplish it. Studies show visualization works. The mind/body connection are as though you're actually performing it physically when you're not.


Successful athletes try to maintain an environment that's supportive to their success. This includes friends and activities. Unfortunately, some athletes give way to social activities such as drinking, etc. You can see what happens to performance when activities of these type are not weeded out of their environment.


Athletes at the top of their game do not take meals as a per chance type of event. Of course, occasions arise that require flexibility, however, for the most part they know the fuel they put into their bodies will determine not only their performance, but also the quality of their sleep, recovery time, and endurance.


Many people have the misconception that elite athletes train only at expensive gyms and so forth, not true. You'll find some of your best athlete's outdoors training at the beach, a park, in the mountains, and even their garage. The key is, they know how to utilize what's available to them. 


You won't find top athletes wearing cut-offs and an oversize T-shirt when they're training. Top athletes wear clothing that wicks away moisture, conforms to the body and the activity they're engaged in, and change into new attire as the need arises.


Every athlete needs a mentor and every athlete needs at least one coach. We all need someone to look up to, to inspire us, motivate us, and show us 'It CAN be done'. Top athletes are no different, they're just a little further up the totem pole and have worked their asses off to get there. All find they are now mentors and coaches themselves, while still in need of them themselves.


Great athletes don't happen by accident. They think about it all day long, they sleep on it at night, and they learn and talk about it all the time. They're focused, and as a result, are driven, determined, and relentless in their quest to succeed. They can change their perspective in a blink of an eye, and therefore, rebound quickly from mistakes and short lived perceived failures.

Proper hydration is crucial for both daily health and well-being as well as sports/training performance. To stay properly hydrated requires one has the necessary electrolytes to do the job. I'm not a fan of Gatorade and other sports drinks, but in a pinch they're better than nothing. When one is consuming a diet high in organic vegetables and a wide variety of vegetables, chances are great you're getting plenty of electrolytes. If you're planning a long run outdoors in the sun on a hot day though, I'd carry and use electrolyte package(s) with me and sipping on them throughout my run.

As an athlete that's trained at an elite level for years I can speak of the importance of supplementation. If you are an elite athlete or training for more than the average person, I'd consult with a knowledgeable natural health doctor, sports medicine specialist, or start your studies on the human body because as an elite athlete you'll burn through fuel readily, and the excess demands placed upon the body will take a toll on all level (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually), if one does not know which areas need the support via supplementation, but be aware and don't just start taking something because your neighbor did. Supplements are no joke and like many other goods sold, some are of pure quality and others are garbage.  


What can we learn from these people? A lot! How bad do you think they want it? How bad do you think YOU want it? The proof is in the pudding , as they say. Your actions will always speak louder, and  more volumes, than your words.

Use these areas to set yourself apart, to be that which you desire to become, it matters not the area of life you're after. Apply yourself wisely, and expect success!

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