Sunday, August 5, 2018

Zones: What Do They Mean to You?

Three 'Zones' to think about month:

1. The 'Comfort Zone'

A cozy place to be, yet a place where one where generally look back with regret for not having had the gull to do more.

2. The 'Zone': Where intuition comes forth and literally everything seems to just fall into place, physical capabilities run supreme, and intellect is soaring.

3. The 'Trigger Zone': Where one either CHOOSES to push past the comfort zone, or is forced out of their comfort zone. This is the zone where one is tested, tensions run high, uneasiness reins, and proves the individual forcing them to either retreat to their former comfort zone, or muster up the Warrior Spirit within to meet the Challenge. 

All of these 'Zones' have a place in our lives. We are not meant to be stagnant in any area. There are times we must seek refuge, rest, calm the nerves and recover. There are times we can grow in leaps and bounds (Choice Points) almost effortlessly, and then there are times we must ride the wave called 'Growth'. 

What's your day look like ahead? Your week? Prepare. 

For me, it is a 'Trigger' week. Many growing opportunities, challenging, painful, yet profoundly rewarding. I'm volunteering. How about you?
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