Monday, October 19, 2015


"If you want to achieve greatness, it starts in the mind, and continues with the grind." - Eddie Harris, Jr.

Yep, this means nothing anyone says, nothing life has to offer, no amount of money could be paid to you that which you, yourself do not believe you can do. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!! What are you made of? You have a goal? Tell me about it, then SHOW me through YOUR ACTIONS that you are worth your words.

People ask me all the time:

 "Jill, I've heard that ab's are made in the kitchen, is that true?" Or, "Jill, I hear ab's are 80% diet."

I say, "Hell no! Ab's are 100% made in your mind, an exquisite physique is made 100% in the mind, a successful businessman (woman), is made 100% in the mind, an Olympian is made 100% in the mind." Follow that up by giving 100% in the kitchen, 100% in the gym, 100% in the field, and so forth, and you cannot help but be successful!!!

Harness the power of your mind folks. Realize when the mind powers and runs the body you can do things others will think impossible. Master yourself. Stop analyzing everyone else and analyze yourself. Work on yourself daily as a trillion piece jigsaw puzzle, with many facets and dimensions, for this is what you are, a Masterpiece waiting to be assembled, and organized. This can ONLY happen when the mind settles the ego. The mind needs daily training to override the senses, and then the mind can wake you up to your potential.

When the body runs the mind, hence, "I'm too tired, let's sleep in" (day after day, week after, week), "I'm hungry, this pizza and beer (or soda), sounds better than chicken and broccoli", "I want to watch a movie, a game", a blah, blah, blah. The body does not realize what is best for itself so long as it is run by its senses. Senses want to be pleased 24/7 . Senses do not like to be denied. Senses these days have grown to expect instant gratification.

It ALL starts in your mind. Daily, you brush your teeth, you train, you work..... ARE YOU TRAINING YOUR MIND? Begin today. Make EVERY decision a conscious one. Say no to yourself. To hell with non-nourishing pharma-food, feed your body, nourish it, care for it. If not YOU, than WHO?????????

Begin a daily habit of quieting yourself, your mind, and the endless chatter that runs rampant within. Be still. Now, focus on one greater than yourself. Focus on a goal you desire to achieve. Do you know what focus is? Let's back track for a moment: When you truly desire to figure something out, you must concentrate on it, all you attention must be placed on it. The problem most people have due to technological devices is they lack the ability, or have lost the ability to concentrate due to how quickly everything is done by computer, an iPhone, iPad, remote control, etc. You can rebuild this skill through practice, daily practice.

Now, back to focus:
Once concentration is mastered, and attention is focused, you must now maintain this heightened awareness, hence.... FOCUS. Focus does not allow distraction. Focus does not allow interruption. Focus is pinpoint accuracy.
Focus on your goal, see it, feel what it will be like as though you have already reached it, allow your mind to bring in your senses, and emotion, into the big picture... bring it to life!!! Do this daily. You may only be able to focus for 3 seconds for many weeks, but do not worry, in time, it will increase, and will become easier to maintain for longer periods of time. 

I challenge you to focus daily. This blog has readers from all over the world. Not only are you readers, many of you are leaders. This blog is read regularly in at least 80 countries. Imagine the impact you can have on others by simply living your life in such a way as to Master yourself. You can then help others in the process. Master your Mind. You CAN do it, one day at a time, one decision at a time. Rise to your potential. Do it!