Friday, December 2, 2011

End of the Month Assessment #11 of 12

Hi Team:

Here we are, fast approaching the end of the year 2011. I've been asking you each month since the beginning of the year how your goals are coming along, especially in regards to health and fitness. 

Remember in grade school how you'd be graded for many aspects of learning for the grade you were in? Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, music, P.E.,and computer, were some of these areas. 

I'd like to revamp our Report Card to reflect the following twelve areas for our assessment this month:  

Mental Toughness

Accountability is an important element of reaching one's goals simply due to the fact that, without it, one has 'free rein' of their actions. Let there be no mistake, consequences are still paid, as there's no way to avoid them. The lesson of accountability itself is to make oneself 'fess up' for their actions. Just like facing the Catholic priest once a week to 'spill the beans', of our actions. We're much more liable to stand to what we've committed to, by holding ourselves accountable to someone we trust. 

Attitude is first and foremost on my list of grades. I believe mindset, or attitude, is where it all begins, and this my friend, means YOU. What's the altitude of your attitude ninety percent of the time? Are you hopeful, optimistic, outgoing, cheerful, willing, loving, and caring? By this I mean not only to others, but to yourself, as well. 

How's your character? I find as one nears closer and closer to their goals, their character is becoming more and more refined in the process. Most people don't reach their goals for this reason alone, they do not like to be out of their 'Comfort Zones'. Once away from their normal 'zone', they panic, are uncomfortable, and head to what is recognizable to them, which inevitably takes them all the way back to step one. Allow your character to grow WITH you. Don't shortchange yourself.

To reach and do anything worthwhile in our lives, we must be committed, and continually re-commit ourselves along the way. Keep a constant reminder around you of what it is you desire to achieve. Keep your enthusiasm fresh, alive, and invigorated! When you want something bad enough, it just won't leave you alone. Take advantage of these feelings!

Determination is what wins wars, marriages, children, careers, health, and literally every other area of life. Determination is the driving force behind your actions, and as we all know...


Your actions alone will speak volumes to you of your determination. What do your actions say?

We must have a 'blueprint', outline, or guidelines to get a plan of action, however, we must also be willing to be flexible with that plan. Life happens, and it will happen to you no different than it happens to me. Things come up, people need help, events arise, unexpected responsibilities show up, or perhaps there's illness or injury. It happens. Flexibility means keeping your heart, mind, and eye on your goals, while maneuvering through an obstacle course on your way there.

Are you honest with yourself? Are you really sticking to that meal plan your trainer designed just for you? Are you really putting forth the effort in your workouts? Are you really being honest with yourself?

Are you humble enough to admit that maybe you blew it a few times? Willing to see when you've gotten off track and just as willing to put yourself back on? Humility doesn't mean beating yourself up for shortfalls, it means just the opposite, gain an understanding of your actions, thoughts, etc., and deal with them compassionately just as you would your best friend.

Mental toughness is learning to over-ride one thought with another. For instance: When an athlete has mind up their mind 'they are done', they will indeed be done! However, the same athlete can also learn to over-ride their initial thought (or what I refer to as re-actional thoughts), by not immediately reacting to the thought, but rather focus on what they desire instead, and allow those feelings to penetrate the thought process. Test yourself throughout the day, and discover how many times you behave and take action based on re-actional thoughts rather than focused thoughts. 

Motivation is the reason why you're doing what you're doing. If you don't have at least three solid reasons for reaching your goal(s), they can very easily become 'watered down', and disintegrate right before your very eyes. Examine your why's. Examine your ways. Why does reaching this one particular goal mean SO much to you? Write it down, and read it daily!

Good old perseverance. 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going....that much faster, more determined, and focused on their goal!' Your goal will be that much more rewarding and worth achieving the more you're required to persevere. You're literally building a new and improved you through the process. Embrace.

Self-discipline: The ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations. It all starts with YOU. It all starts with YOUR THOUGHTS, how you perceive yourself, your life, your talents, and all the above aforementioned. 

YOU are the sole person responsible for you, and everything about you!

Take charge!

How did you do? I can promise you, by being aware and making the effort to get exceptional grades in these areas, it will be awful hard for you NOT to reach your goals!